Just because someone drowns doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t swim

I will write this post in English just in case the person who wrote the article does not speak Dominican sorry Spanish.

I have read an article of an ESPN Journalist a few minutes ago speculating that being dominican means you use steroids and I got really upset. This is one part of the article:

The steroid whispers started quickly. By late April, every conversation I had with a Sox fan seemed to include a “We need to mail Papi some HGH” joke. It was an easy leap for a couple of reasons: First, his power numbers leapt like Obama’s Q rating from 2003 to 2007. Second, he’s Dominican, and more than a few of his brethren — Sammy Sosa, Miguel Tejada, Guillermo Mota — have been in the center of PED controversies. Third, they sell steroids over the counter in the DR like they’re Bubblicious. And fourth, baseball has reached a depressing point in which power hitters are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

It is not because I’m defending the bad behavior of Dominicans is just that people can’t judge a whole country for the behavior of a few of their citizens.

In my opinion that part of the article was out of line. Journalists need to choose the words and be careful of what they write because it may be taken the wrong way and more if they involved a whole country. The fact that some of the Dominican Baseball players at the MLB were positive on steroids use does not mean that all players are using it you have the example of Albert Pujols, Hanley Ramirez and may more that have not tested positive.

I’m not defending the people who use that it’s their problem if they want to jeopardize their lives, family and career but let’s remember that some other players were positive too, they lied in interviews saying that they were clean but were busted and they were not Dominicans and there is no evidence that they got the substance from the DR and that doesn’t mean that because they were Americans US means they use steroids. I can name a few but I will reserve my words.

Also let’s remark that Dominicans are participating in other big league sports such as the NBA and as far as I know they have not been involved in substance abuse situation so that makes his statement wrong.  You may search of some NBA and NFL players who were charged of illegal drugs possessions but that also does not mean that been American means they use drugs.

Let’s check other sports in which athletes from another nationalities are participating and have been suspended for using illegal substances or appearing smoking pot in newspapers, like the case of a famous gold medalist, but again that doesn’t mean that been American equals smoking pot. Or others that were charged of illegal animals competitions at their properties but that doesn’t mean that Americans equals mistreating animals (let’s make a parenthesis here to point out that cock fights are legal in our country so anyone who comes to the DR and go there is completely legal) or the ones charged with DUI and that doesn’t mean that Americans equals irresponsible people behind a steering wheel.

I can go for hours, but I just want to make a point here. Just because a few people screw up making bad choices doesn’t mean that the whole country is just like them. They are many athletes and people that have work they ass off for years making great achievements without getting on those kind of trouble.

I strong believe that the journalist who wrote the article wanted to be “Funny” but all jokes are not “funny” for all people and he needs to understand that and be careful with the comments he chooses to make his jokes.

A true and proud Dominican who believes in her country 100% and accepts that , DR just like other countries, has its failures and achievements.

Article of ESPN: http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?id=4223584

Comment of the article: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/6/2/738051/-Apparently,-Being-Dominican-Means-You-Use-Steroids


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